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Memories, nostalgia, change, these are just a few words that describes the generations of old and new. Inspiration drawn from conclusions of the past, that sew new memories creating seeds of nostalgia, these seeds are the gifts granted to us, these seeds that define the youths, these seeds could be anything. Gen is the embodiment of that ambiguity. Youth and nostalgia go hand in hand, only one key difference, youth is always present, but nostalgia is forever changing. Gen discusses these variations in change and covers a wide array of topics, that may be of interest to you. This publication is a seed of many varieties, we discuss culture and nostalgia at its very core as we are the youths of today. Gen embodies both the past and present whilst we discuss the youths that have been and are being, our most crucial topic being this idea of youth and the generations whilst we discuss, music, culture, fashion, games, empowerment, and inspiration. These topics are undoubtably intertwined with nostalgia and youth.

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