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Over the next few weeks we will be celebrating LGBT+ Month. This year marks 20 years since Section 28, the law that banned “promotion of homosexuality” in the UK, was repealed. It was an attack on LGBTQ+ visibility, we’ve made progress in leaps and bounds since. 

As the Whitworth Art Gallery launches their new exhibition (Un)Defining Queer. This collection

of work that examines how we can use a queer lens to define what the term 'queer' means.  In response to this we have curated our own online exhibition, that helps celebrates queer artists from history to the present day.


(Un)Defining Queer

Whitworth Art Gallery

This exhibition delves into the Whitworth’s collection to examine how we can use a queer lens to define what the term 'queer' means. Presenting collection works that have never been on display before as well as loans, the exhibition includes artists such as: Ajamu X, Niki de Saint Phalle and General Idea. 

Queer Portraits

In this online exhibition, the Collective have carefully curated a number of illustrations celebrating Queer Icons. These are free to download and print.



In this online exhibition we celebrate the work of LGBTQ+ artists, whose work explores all aspects of the community. Some of the work explores the theme of loss, we would like to warn you that some may find this work upsetting.

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