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Keith Haring

During a brief but intense career that spanned the 1980s, Haring’s work was featured in over 100 solo and group exhibitions.

Grayson Perry

The Turner prize-winning potter and tapestry-maker, curator, writer and presenters work is incredibly diverse. His work often explores the theme of identity.

Sarah Lucas

She is part of the generation of Young British Artists who emerged during the 1990s. Her works frequently employ visual puns and bawdy humour by incorporating photography, collage and found objects

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Gillian Waring + Claude Cahun

Behind the Mask, Another Mask brings together gender defying surrealist French artist Claude Cahun and fellow mask enthusiast Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing.

Robert Mapplethorpe

The American photographer’s work altered perceptions and pushed boundaries in relation to the male gaze upon the male body.

Frida Kahlo 

Frida Kahlo is celebrated for many things outside of her artistic talent. One aspect of her life and character that has brought about waves of admiration and adoration, is her openness around female sexuality


Diego Montoya

Diego Montoya is an American visual artist and fashion designer. He works with recycled materials creating “larger-than-life,” “innovative, and subversive” installations and costumes for galleries, stores, and queer performers.

Pierre Davis

No Sesso

 No Sesso (Italian for No Sex), founded in 2015, Now, Davis has made fashion history as the first transgender designer to show their collection at New York Fashion Week

Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman was an English artist, film maker, costume designer, stage designer, writer, gardener and gay rights activist.

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