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I AM ...


I AM ... on sale from Tues 25th April

Priced at £3

 A Limited Edition Pack £10 will also be available, these will include the publication, print, tote and a badge.

I AM everything

I AM nothing

I AM anything in between

This publication seeks to explore a specific pathway in life and highlights common struggles for young adults trying to find themselves.

The eleventh title I AM deviates from other works in the Collective’s series of magazines through its fictitious, novella-esque style of writing.

The piece follows Nell, a kid who learns to walk the line of being wallflower and social butterfly, all the while trying to figure out what they want to do with their life. With a dozen snippets of Nell’s life and a collection of beautiful illustrations to pair with them, I AM has shaped up to be something special.

I AM ... is like nothing we have ever made before. The print run is limited to just 100 copies, so to avoid disappointment order now.

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