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This year, The Collective is holding an Art + Design exhibition that’s vastly different from the previous years. This, our 10th annual exhibition, is a milestone for us and one that we wish to celebrate as much, if not more, as all the others preceding it. The Covid-19 outbreak meant our original, ambitious exhibition plans were impossible to realise and we have had to adapt. Instead of the usual gallery exhibition, we have changed to an entirely digital format, with an accompanying publication. 


During this time of a global pandemic, technology has greatly aided and supported society. Tools such as Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom are all helping aspects of normal life to continue in inventive ways we might never have dreamed of just 10 years ago. However, for our exhibition, it may feel as though a virtual version will only pale in comparison to what it could have been in a real life, physical exhibition. Now, we are each displaying just a few pieces of work we have available, out of a whole two years of study. It’s hard not to worry that some of the complexity and gravity of our projects will be lost when condensed into such a small 2D snapshot, or that the immersive experience of walking through each artistic display will unachievable to convey.

TEN Catalogue

Digital Publication

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